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GPRS Software Upgrade Now Available For New and Existing Treo 180 Customers on the Industry-Leading Rogers AT&T Wireless GSM/GPRS Network

Mountain View, Calif. and Toronto, Ontario - (September 10, 2002) —Handspring, Inc. today announced the availability of its GPRS software upgrade for Rogers AT&T Wireless Treo 180 customers in Canada. The Handspring Treo GPRS upgrade is a no-charge, downloadable software upgrade that enables Handspring Treo 180 customers from Rogers AT&T Wireless to access the wireless Internet and corporate applications such as e-mail. New and existing Rogers AT&T Wireless customers can access the software upgrade at no additional charge via the Rogers AT&T Wireless website at

"The arrival of the GPRS software upgrade is very important to our Treo 180 customers who clearly understand the benefits of having an all-in-one voice and data wireless device," said Mansell Nelson, Vice President and General Manager, Interactive Mobile Services, Rogers AT&T Wireless. "Rogers AT&T Wireless customers will also enjoy anytime, anywhere wireless access to the Internet and e-mail while making and receiving wireless phone calls and sending two-way text messages on their Treo 180. This is made possible because of the Rogers AT&T Wireless GSM/GPRS network - the country's largest, integrated voice and data, digital wireless network and the world standard for wireless communications."

In addition to providing Rogers AT&T Wireless customers with wireless data functionality on their Treo 180, Handspring provides Treo 180 customers from Rogers AT&T Wireless the ability to use Treo Mail, a wireless e-mail service designed exclusively for Treo Communicators. Treo Mail enables wireless e-mail services for Rogers AT&T Wireless customers with access to POP3 and Microsoft Exchange-based corporate e-mail. For more information and to download Treo Mail, visit

"We are pleased to offer Rogers AT&T Wireless customers the ability to access wireless information on their Treo 180 across Canada on the extensive Rogers AT&T Wireless GSM/GPRS network," said Joe Sipher, Vice President of Product Marketing for Handspring, Inc. "With applications such as Treo Mail and the Blazer web browser, we are committed to offering new wireless services and added features to Rogers AT&T Wireless customers now and in the future."

About Treo

Treos are compact communicators that integrate the functions of a mobile phone and a handheld computer with Web browsing and text messaging applications. The Treo 180 communicator is small and light, weighing only 147 grams or 5.2 ounces, but the flip-open design makes possible a large screen suitable for Web page viewing and text messaging. Treo 180 features a rocker switch for easy one-handed navigation and speakerphone capability and compatibility to GPRS.

Treo communicators are all-in-one devices that make voice and data communications easier and more powerful. They are full-featured mobile phones designed for one-handed operation and include such features as Instant Lookup of phone numbers and contacts, 50 speed dials, a traditional dial pad on the keyboard, call history, easy three-way calling, caller ID and speaker phone. They are also great wireless messaging devices capable of sending and receiving SMS text messages and email.

Treo uses the Palm OS and comes with Palm Desktop software to synchronize PIM data between your desktop and communicator. A software link to Microsoft Outlook is included for Windows users to synchronize data between Treo and Outlook. Current Palm OS device users can easily update their Palm Desktop software and transfer their existing data to Treo with the included Handspring CD-ROM. Additional key features of the Treo include Handspring's award-winning Blazer web browser, 16 MB of memory, a rechargeable lithium ion battery, a travel charger with HotSync cable, and a headset for hands-free phone use.

About Treo Mail

Treo Mail is a wireless email service for Treo communicators that delivers email to your Treo while away from your desktop inbox. With Treo Mail and necessary wireless data services, customers can compose, send, receive and delete messages from the Treo communicator using an existing personal or corporate email address. Messages are formatted for the communicator's display, compressed and delivered securely, using 128-bit ssl encryption, between the Treo and the desktop. Treo Mail is available in Corporate Desktop Edition for use with Microsoft Outlook/Exchange or POP 3 email accounts located behind a corporate firewall and Internet Edition for use with Internet-accessible email accounts. Treo Mail is fully integrated with the hardware features of a Treo communicator, including the QWERTY keyboard, up and down scroll buttons and rocker switch and offers flexible delivery options, allowing the customer to control how often they synchronize their inbox with their communicator.

About Rogers AT&T Wireless

Rogers Wireless Inc. operates under the co-brand Rogers AT&T Wireless and has offices in Canadian cities from coast to coast. Rogers AT&T Wireless is Canada's leading wireless communications service provider, offering a complete range of wireless solutions including Digital PCS, cellular, advanced wireless data services, and one and two-way messaging services to a total of more than 3.5 million customers across the country. Rogers Wireless Communications Inc. (TSE: RCM.B; NYSE: RCN) is approximately 56% owned by Rogers Communications Inc., and approximately one-third owned by AT&T Wireless Services, Inc.

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