EBM Tables 2.0

Freeware: minimum requirement • Palm OS v3.1• MathLib (included in download)

Developer:Centre for Evidence Based Medicine (UofT)

...for all our American readers, Centre is spelled correctly ... up here in Canada we speak the Queen's English ;-)

EBM Tables - NNT Tables version 2.0 is an enhanced version of our previous NNT Tables. It now uses a common interface for NNT Tables, LR Tables, and SnNouts/SpPins Tables. Each set of tables contains it's own pdb file that you can load to your palm.

Features: Search function - allows user to search for specific keywords, Uses pdb files - the user can load one or more of the tables to the palm, NNT Tables - pdb file, LR Tables - pdb file, SnNouts/SpPins Tables - pdb file, Remove Database(s) - removes one or more database files (pdb).

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