Elsevier Debuts FIRSTConsult

ST. LOUIS, Nov. 20 2003. Elsevier has launched FIRSTConsult -- an enhanced version of its flagship point-of-care clinical information tool, PDxMD, and a fully integrated component of Elsevier's new MD Consult Clinical Knowledge System. As part of this System, FIRSTConsult provides today's busy and information-overloaded medical professionals and students with specialized tools and continuously updated practical advice on the latest in evaluation and diagnosis, management options, patient education and disease prevention.

Designed for use in the exam room or at the bedside, FIRSTConsult combines a continuously updated desktop program with convenient, handheld-downloadable components. Much more than a search engine or general database, FIRSTConsult provides clinical information organized to provide a "best practice" approach without dictating styles of care. Its original content gives users instant access to the precise knowledge required to support clinical judgment required at each unique patient encounter -- an ideal tool for medical schools and residency programs where consistency and continuity of care must be balanced with professional development and physicians' varying practice preferences.

"In selecting new tools to foster our medical and nursing students' diagnostic skills, FIRSTConsult was the smartest choice for us because it provides the most current, evidence-based clinical information available," said Holly Harden, Liaison Librarian, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. "And since it is fully integrated with MD Consult, FIRSTConsult offers a very comprehensive tool for clinical decision making -- a definite edge for our students and residents in managing their rigorous coursework and clinical care of patients."

Among many updates, major enhancements offered with FIRSTConsult include:

-- Closer integration with MD Consult: more links between FIRSTConsult
and MD Consult, to ensure greater clinical decision support and
ultimately improved patient care
-- More evidence and clinical information: evidence-based weekly updates
highlighting the latest therapeutic advances, overseen by the
FIRSTConsult Editorial Board and Clinical Reviewers

In addition, FIRSTConsult now offers physicians step-by-step text and video demonstrations of commonly performed office procedures; reference centers, including non-condition specific information on topics such as bioterrorism, pregnancy and contraception; and, patient education materials in both English and Spanish. FIRSTConsult will also soon include enhanced PDA technology, wireless features and significantly upgraded search capabilities.

"Beyond providing premier content to the healthcare community, Elsevier continually looks for ways to improve the electronic delivery tools available to practicing physicians and students," said Fiona Foley, Executive Vice President Global Medicine. "With more than 1.5 million information searches being conducted each month on MD Consult, there is a clear demand for quick and comprehensive information, whether it be at the desk or bedside. With MD Consult and FIRSTConsult, physicians can access the clinical information they need wherever and whenever they need it."

About Elsevier

Elsevier is a world-leading science and medical publisher. Working in partnership with the global science and health communities, the company publishes more than 1,800 journals and 2,200 new books per year, in addition to offering a suite of innovative electronic products, such as ScienceDirect and MD Consult, bibliographic databases, online reference works and subject specific portals.


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