"Going Mobile: Choosing the Right Inpatient Mobile Solution"

July 2004 - The recent report, "Going Mobile: Choosing the Right Inpatient Mobile Solution", by BCC Consulting contains a comprehensive "buyers guide" to mobile informatics solutions.

Authored by a team of industry insiders who clearly have their fingers on the pulse of the current state of the industry, the report addresses the question "Which enterprise mobile solution is right for me?"

"When I began working in the mobile health space in 2000, the industry was aggressively seeking to grow beyond its cottage industry roots, fueled by an unprecedented infusion of venture capital. Physicians, who had become increasingly involved in IT, in many instances were leading the charge, tapping their first hand experiences and frustrations to offer solutions that were touted as user-friendly, intuitive, and complementary to “clinical workflow.” Hope and promise were in abundant supply, and the market all but declared the “future is at hand.” Writes David Brooks, BS, MBA, lead author and principal of BCC Consulting.

"Nevertheless, despite the obvious opportunity, funding, and general market interest, huge hurdles existed and ultimately caused most of the early players to stumble." David goes on to say, "A lot has changed over the last few years, and a lot hasn't. Five years ago, mobile inpatient solutions were largely unknown, and if known, likely misunderstood. Today, mobile solutions sit atop the average CIO’s “Wish List.” The technology and the market have evolved. Mobile solutions have proven their value financially and clinically."

By evaluating the top 20 players "left standing" in the inpatient mobile solutions market, BCC Consulting provides; CIO's, hospital administrators and informaticists the single most comprehensive buyers guide in the mobile space we've ever had the pleasure of reading.

"Going Mobile: Choosing the Right Inpatient Mobile Solution" is a practical guide to selecting the right mobile solution for your institution.

The report not only provides a "state of the industry address" it also provides detailed profiles of the top 20 vendors and a "road map" to help you in the selction process. The paper is broken into the following major sections:

• Getting Started – What are your needs?— a list of fundamental needs, evaluation questions with supporting market information; this section is intended to provide a high level overview of some the main issues affecting the mobile inpatient space.
• Understanding the Company Profiles – Our Criteria: an outline of the key factors that distinguish different mobile solution providers, with an explanation of how those criteria affect the overall solution.
• Top 20 Inpatient Mobile Solution Vendors: profiles of the 20 most significant and influential providers of inpatient mobile solutions, including corporate, product, customer and partner information wherever possible.

Considering the time and expense involved in performing due diligence during the selection process of mobile solutions, reviewing the market intelligence contained in "Going Mobile: Choosing the Right Inpatient Mobile Solution" is, in our opinion, a must do first step.

Ken McGowan
Publisher & CEO
PDA cortex

"Going Mobile: Choosing the Right Inpatient Mobile Solution" is available at the BCC Consulting website for FREE

Originally Published: July 5, 2004

Updated: October 4, 2004

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