Handhelds in Medicine: A Practical Guide for Clinicians

Strayer, Scott M.; Reynolds, Peter L.; Ebell, Mark H. (Eds.)
Springer-Verlag, New York, Inc. November 1 2004,
Approx. 450 p. 614 illus. With CD-ROM., Softcover
ISBN: 0-387-40329-9

About this Book:

Handheld computers are emerging as the stethoscopes of the 21st century, and no clinician should be without! These small, easy-to-use devices are now powerful enough to help clinicians manage information and make medical decisions at the point of care. Here, Drs. Strayer, Reynolds, and Ebell, and a team of internationally recognized handheld computing experts, show you how to make the most of a handheld computer in your practice.

This comprehensive how-to guide targets all levels of handheld computer users from novices to experts. It is designed with easy-to-understand hands-on exercises that walk readers through each new skill presented. For beginners, the first section is devoted to "getting to know your handheld", choosing or upgrading a handheld computer, and the basics of handheld operation. There's also a comprehensive chapter on downloading and installing software.

Further sections delve into different types of medical and non-medical software, Internet and evidence-based resources for medical handheld computing, and finally advanced topics such as designing custom software and going wireless. Even the most advanced user will find a lot to learn in this book.

Tired searching for your peak flow slide rule or obstetrical wheel, or using index cards for billing while on rounds? You'll learn how to do all these things and more on your handheld, including patient record keeping, medical calculations, electronic prescribing, electronic billing, and database programming. Use of handheld computers in large practices and residencies is highlighted as well, and a chapter on teaching others to use handheld computers rounds out this definitive guide.

Handhelds in Medicine: A Practical Guide for Clinicians is a comprehensive how-to manual designed to teach while it entertains. Written by clinicians for clinicians, this book addresses the needs of physicians, nurses, and allied health professionals, enabling them to practice on the cutting edge of medicine.

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Written For:

Allied health professionals
Physician's assistants
Critical healthcare providers


Table of Contents

Section I Getting to Know Your Handheld Computer

1 Choosing a Handheld Computer: PDAs, MDAs, and the Alphabet Soup of Handheld Computers . 3
Scott M. Strayer and Mark H. Ebell

2 Getting to Know Your Handheld: Palm OS and Pocket PC . 24
Peter L. Reynolds and Mark H. Ebell

3 Getting Software from Cyberspace to the Palm of Your Hand: Downloading and Installing Software on Your Palm OS or Pocket PC Handheld . 51
Scott M. Strayer and Mark H. Ebell

Section II Medical Software

4 “Where in the World Wide Web Do I Find All This Stuff?” Finding Medical Software and Information on the Web for Handheld Computers . 77
Peter L. Reynolds and Scott M. Strayer

5 What Floor Is Mrs. Jones on, and What Does Her CBC Look Like Today? Patient Records on Handheld Computers . 97
Amy Price

6 Calculator Programs for Handheld Computers: Crunching the Numbers Made Easy. 137
Scott M. Strayer and Mark H. Ebell

7 Medical References: Information at Your Fingertips . 155
Louis Spikol

8 Getting Paid for What You Do: Avoid Losing Your Shirt by Using a Handheld Computer for Billing . 177
Scott M. Strayer

9 Electronic Prescribing: Drug Dealing Twenty-First Century Style . 194
Gary N. Fox

10 Medical Documents in Your Pocket . 223
Peter L. Reynolds

11 Capturing Life in the Palm of Your Hand: Getting Rid of the Yellow Stickies by Using a Handheld Database . 251
James M. Thompson, Scott M. Strayer, and Mark H. Ebell

12 Software for Nursing: RNs Are Mobilizing . 289
Sylvia Suszka Hildebrandt Jeneane A. Brian and Daniel S. Brian, ,

13 Software for Other Healthcare Professionals: Hey,What About Me? . 319
Laura Kosteva, Greg Schaller, Jeneane A. Brian, and Scott M. Strayer

Section III Advanced Topics

14 Evidence-Based Medicine and Handhelds. 337
Scott M. Strayer and Mark H. Ebell

15 Wireless 101 . 349
David R. Blair

16 Programmable Calculators . 378
Peter L. Reynolds and Mark H. Ebell

17 How to Make Your Own Database: Programming a Simple Procedure Log . 387
James M. Thompson and Scott M. Strayer

18 Creating Your Own Programs . 417
Mark H. Ebell

19 Beyond the Beam: Server-Based Synchronization. 426
Dale Patterson

20 Teaching People to Use Handheld Computers . 439
Peter L. Reynolds, Scott M. Strayer, and Mark H. Ebell

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