Handspring Prism Review

Handspring Prism

"Go ahead make my day"

Admittedly I'm an incorrigible spaghetti western fan. And when I set out to to do the review of the Handspring Prism I approached it with less than an open mind, in fact I was all set to "blow it away" in a true Clint Eastwood "quick draw" fashion.

The reason for my distinctly negative approach to this review was, I'm also an unabashed TRGpro fan and evidence can be found here

Expandable data storage and retrieval is the most compelling reason for my affinity to the TRGpro product. And although the Prism (like all of Handsprings products) is expandable, it uses Handspring's Springboard modules which do not have the data carrying capacity of the Compact Flash Card utilized by the TRGpro, nor can you run applications as conveniently from the Springboard modules while you can from the CF cards.

Additionally I owned a Palm IIIc and prior to seeing the Prism in action the color screen on the Palm IIIc seemed more than adequate. So when I opened the box of the more expensive Prism I believed I had several excellent reasons to "'trash" Handspring's entry into the color PDA arena.

After two months of use and comparison between the Prism, the TRGpro and the Palm IIIc I no longer have any clear favorite. And instead of a review of the Prism either touting or trashing the device I offer you the following comparisons in true "high noon" fashion.

We will now pit the three contenders in an eyeball to eyeball showdown... and find out who is "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly"

On page 2 of the review we will compare the Prism, TRGpro and the Palm IIIc in 4 categories:

  • Screen

  • Expandability

  • CPU Speed

  • Price

Then on page 3 will will list the specifications of the Handspring Prism and attempt to draw some conclusions from the comparisons and then make a few recommendations. So let's get down to it shall we? .. ready, set, draw!


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