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Communication Intelligence Corporation (CIC) is a provider of input, electronic signature and security software solutions. CIC’s core software technologies include multilingual handwriting recognition systems, dynamic signature verification, ink compression, and operating system extensions that enable"pen" input to a handheld device. CIC’s products are designed to increase the ease of use, functionality, and security of mobile electronic devices ranging from handheld companions to cellular phones.

CIC offers two "killer data entry tools": Jot & WordComplete

Jot is an advanced handwriting recognition software, that can eliminate the need to learn "Grafitti". Jot is just what the name implies. You can easily, Jot words, individual letters - both upper and lower case, numbers, gestures, symbols, and accents. Data input feels more natural: No more special symbols or characters to memorize. Jot allows all PDA users to input text more naturally. Jot also supports most of the Graffiti-based characters.

Feeling cramped by the small Graffiti area? Jot has full-screen support allowing users to input text on the full screen or in the input panel area.

It has a wonderfully simple user-interface. There is no need to change modes to get capital letters! With Jot where you write determines if the character will be read as upper case, lower case, numeric or a symbol. Jot enables users to use the center area of the screen to get capital letters. And you can see what you're writing on the screen!

The built in recognizer helps users improve their accuracy by enabling characters to be viewed in ink as they are written. Jot supports International character recognition of Roman-based western European languages and accent marks!

With Jot's Macro Editor, you can define frequently used phrases (such as "vital signs stable") or actions (such as copy or paste and copy) for quicker text entry and editing.

Jot's intuitive character recognition simplifies and speeds data entry freeing the clinician to focus on patient care.

Jot provides an extensive animated tutorial demonstrating how to write letters and symbols and offers practice sessions for each function. A tuner capability allows the user to select individual letters that cause difficulty with the strokes. A good example is "Y" which can be produced by two methods: first draw a "V", and then a straight line down from the base to complete the letter; or you can draw one stroke slanted like the beginning of a "V", then one total stroke finishing the "V"and adding the tail.

Simple to download, install and learn, you'll be "Joting" in no time!

System requirements:

Any Palm Connected Organizer running Palm OS 2.0 and above

120K Bytes free on your Palm device

You can download Jot directly from the CIC website.

Sylvia Suszka Hildebrandt, MN, ARNP,CASNI , Editor PDA cortex


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