Bachmann releases MedReporter

Bachmann Software today announced the commercial release of MedReporter, a new Palm OS software application that provides physicians with the ability to view and print summarized patient information. Designed to be compatible with PatientKeeper's acclaimed PatientKeeper Personal patient management product, MedReporter allows physicians to aggregate selected information from a patient database and produce it in various report formats. MedReporter also gives physicians the ability to print their selected data from a handheld computer by simply beaming it to an infrared printer.

The combination of putting selected patient data at the fingertips of a physician, either in an onscreen report or printed format, ensures that healthcare professionals have the most current information to make patient care decisions. The MedReporter application also gives PatientKeeper's growing developer community the ability to print-enable their own mobile applications.

"PatientKeeper's clinical users have identified printing common medical reports and forms as a key workflow enhancement," said Stephen S. Hau, PatientKeeper's founder and vice president. "Bachmann Software's MedReporter application integrates seamlessly with the PatientKeeper's Mobilizer Platform to provide this important capability." With MedReporter, PatientKeeper users can dynamically generate patient summaries to get quick overviews of clinical status and facilitate the sign-out process. MedReporter also allows the reports to be annotated and printed for clinical documentation.

"Medical professionals demand timely data, delivered to them in their format of choice," said Dan Reuvers, Bachmann Software's vice president of business development. "Some people respond better to data organized on a computer screen, while others prefer to deal with printed documents. We developed MedReporter with the goal of providing physicians with the ability to choose how they would like to view their patient data. The real key to MedReporter is that it was designed with the busy physician in mind, ensuring that patient summaries are available instantly even in an extremely hectic environment. MedReporter really does 'serve' the physician."


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