BlueLabs Develops Wireless System For MobileCare

STOCKHOLM, Sweden --The latest in mobile technology is now making serious inroads in home care and geriatric care.

On behalf of MobileCare, BlueLabs is developing a system to improve efficiency for home and hospice care workers. Using a handheld computer, the caregiver is continuously linked to the local municipality's central healthcare system.

The handheld computers, or PDA's (Personal Digital Assistants), communicate via GPRS (General Packet Radio Service), which means that the system is continuously online and can receive and transmit information no matter where it is used. As a result, planning and follow- ups can be made more efficient. Using a handheld computer, the caregiver can access healthcare plans, record the measures he/she takes, receive and confirm emergencies, and retrieve relevant information from central operating systems. The system also includes a positioning function with maps as well as statistics and follow-up functions.

"We have selected BlueLabs as our partner because of their technical expertise in mobile solutions, and we see this as the first step in a long-term cooperation," says Hans Axell, President of MobileCare. "Since home care is on the increase, there is a great demand for new routines to access and document information."

The potential for mobile systems in the healthcare sector is huge, and this system is the first of its kind to utilize new wireless technology. The system will be placed in service on a test basis in Solvesborg municipality after the summer.

"We see great benefits in using new mobile technology in healthcare," says Ingrid Eriksson, Director of Social Welfare for Sölvesborg municipality. "For one thing, we expect significant efficiency gains, since our operations place great demands on information and documentation, and secondly, it offers greater flexibility for healthcare workers. "In addition, the system's follow-up and statistical functions give us a better basis for distributing resources and managing our budget process".

About BlueLabs

BlueLabs is a high technology company specializing in intelligent communication. BlueLabs develops technically creative, advanced
solutions in the business areas Embedded, Mobility, Systems and Strategy that help customers to be innovative and further develop their businesses. BlueLabs, with around 330 employees and offices in Boden, Gothenburg, Linkoping, Lulea, Malmo, Pajala and Stockholm, is part of the Frontec Group.

About MobileCare

MobileCare is a healthcare company specializing in the development of new systems for information and documentation.

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