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Our initial review of PEPID stated "utility abounds for nursing ". What prophetic words! Thanks to the vast professional knowledge of the PEPID RN editorial team, nursing now has a first class point-of-care reference tool.


PEPID RN - Clinical Nursing Companion - was developed by a multi-specialty team of nurses to meet the clinical information needs of professionals in all specialties and practice settings at the point of care.

The PEPID RN database combines clinical content (complete with Nursing Considerations) on diseases and conditions, with weight-based dosing and body-surface area calculators, health and wellness teaching guides and a complete drug database to assist the clinical nurse with the problems and decisions encountered in the normal course of treating and planning care for their patients. Labeled the Clinical Nurse Companion, its strengths include the applicability to daily practice and the convenience of having a comprehensive, portable database available wherever and whenever additional information or decision support is needed.

Downloading and installing

The only glitch during installation was remedied by the astute guidance of their support team. This involved following directions very closely downloading the correct version for the appropriate handheld. Point and click technology can have drawbacks in the Microsoft environment. Once completed, PEPID RN runs smoothly. With a few trials, even the novice can easily search and receive the appropriate reference data.


The 1500 nursing presentations include diagnoses, pathophysiology, dispositions, alternative modalities and interactions, dosing, IV drip rates and adverse reactions. Within each category, a link exists to explore further referential information. Once a topic is entered by entering key alphabetical leads, the speed factor for access takes over by a responsive scroll bar. Ah, but that is not the end of the program. You can access approximately 1400 medication files with both brand and generic names listed. The cross reference for subcategories is one of the best I have viewed. The editorial team had superb insight into providing point and click links by underlining key words. Simply click the stylus on the corresponding link and off you go to the next category.

The search index contains all key words and topics that are sorted alphabetically and that will allow the user to find the links and open the appropriate detail. Any new user should select INDEX from the bottom of the screen, and then click PEPID at the top for the table of contents which will provide invaluable directions.

· Key features that increase the utility and functionality for all nurses in all specialties and practice settings are under the general table of contents with sub categories . Also included is a lengthy nursing specialty category. System and specialty nursing include Cardiovascular, Dermatology, a lengthy section on Emergency nursing, Endocrine, ENT, Hematology and Oncology, Iinfectious Diseases, Obsteterics and Gynecology, Orthopedics, Pediatrics, Psychiatry, Pulmonary and Urology.
· General Nursing information includes extensive information on procedures, pain management, electrolyte imbalances, drug interactions, equations, formulas and medicolegal considerations.
· Health and Wellness section to guide screening, prevention, and patient education
· Age specific considerations targeting the needs of a diverse patient population


PEPID was in the forefront for offering the new Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Weapons information database in their program. Now PEPID has included an integrated dosing calculator for weight-based and body surface area-based dosing. This calculator works instantly, right inside PEPID. Also in the latest version is a calculator to convert S.I. and Metric units to conventional units, and a Canadian drug trade names look up feature to find generic equivalents..

Minimum Requirements

Requirements include the ability to use your PC or laptop in case you have not purchased a handheld yet.

Memory-4000K's and I would recommend that you have at least an 8MB handheld. The application is downloadable for either the Palm OS or Windows CE/Pocket PC. For those wanting to use their memory cards for storage, a special add on program (like PowerRun) is necessary for Palm 500 series and Sony Clie. It is anticipated that future versions will eliminate the need for secondary program add ons. Owners of Handspring devices can easily place PEPID RN on memory cards by following the simple instructions on the PEPID website.


Pricing is quite reasonable for their subscription which includes free updates via the internet. As an added Free bonus PEPID is offering a metric unit conversion to conventional units category including the S.I. unit conversion along with the Canadian Drug trade names.

You can choose from the following subscriptions:

· 6 month-$59.95 ($9.99/mo.)
· 12 month-$89.95 ($7.49/mo.)
· 24 month-$139.95 ($5.83/mo.)

For the price of just one grande espresso (can't you tell I live in Starbucks land!) you can have a full year subscription to PEPID RN that will augment your vast knowledge base in nursing and provide you with a reference tool to improve quality care.

In today's world of mandates for medical error reduction, nursing professionals will recognize the utility and potential of this database. Think of it as the 5MCC ( 5 Minute Clinical Consult) for nursing! All in all I can personally recommend PEPID RN to all RNs who require a comprehensive and up-to-date resource at their fingertips.

By: Sylvia Suszka Hildebrandt, RN, BS, MN, ARNP, CCNI, Editor PDA cortex

Get your copy of PEPID RN for the Palm OS here and for the Pocket PC here

A complete listing of PEPID products is available here

Editors note: PEPID adds new topics and information with each update, and has demonstrated that they are very responsive to user feedback and requests. Your application will be updated as new information and features are added.

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