PHT Chooses Palm Handhelds for Accurate Data Capture in Clinical Trials

MILPITAS, Calif., Nov. -- Palm, Inc. , and PHT Corp., the premier provider of Electronic Patient Diaries (EPDs) for the collection and management of clinical data, today announced that PHT has purchased 4,650 Palm m515 handhelds. Mobile medical researchers now can record observations for a clinical study on more than 21,000 bed-ridden deep vein thrombosis (DVT) patients using PHT's solution running on the Palm m515 handheld. PHT has purchased more than 17,000 Palm handhelds since December 2001.

Participating physicians and researchers who make house calls to the DVT patients will use the Palm handhelds with PHT's solution, called SitePad, to input critical medical data onsite. With this portable solution, patient symptoms such as swelling and pain, fever and rapid heart rates are captured, sorted and analyzed in real time. Reactions to and effects of treatments are also duly noted and saved. This mobile solution saves researchers time and reduces errors associated with paper diaries, giving medical research facilities accurate and attributable clinical trial data in electronic form for regulatory approval.

PHT will supply clinical investigators with the SitePad solution, which runs on the Palm m515 handheld. Observations and data are entered directly into the SitePad at a patient's bedside. Once investigators return to their offices and clinics, all captured information is uploaded directly to the secure PHT Study Server via a specially designed modem called the TeleCradle. Physicians and researchers involved in the study can access the secure Study Server to analyze the trial results in real time.

"Our clients conduct medical research that helps save human lives, and Palm handhelds have become a trusted partner in this process," said Linda Beneze, vice president, sales and marketing, PHT Corp. "Palm handhelds provide a means to faster and more accurate clinical results, and in the end, help the medical regulatory community make more informed decisions."

DVT is a blood-clot condition caused by restricted blood flow in the legs. An 11-hour flight from the United States to Europe can be enough time for a painful blood clot to form. If not treated properly, DVT can be life threatening. Together with PHT, Palm handhelds help to speed the process of submitting trial results for regulatory approval of effective treatments for DVT.

About PHT Corp.

PHT Corporation is the leading provider of mobile and Web-based electronic data capture products for clinical trials. PHT enables pharmaceutical companies to capture clinical trial data at the point of experience. PHT's Product Suite enables dramatic improvement in the quality and speed of data collected, thus increasing the scientific value of the trial. The PHT Product Suite is built on an open, flexible, and standards-based architecture to ensure that the data collected can be integrated with and into other clinical data management systems and processes. Our customers include some of the leading pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical technology companies around the globe. PHT is headquartered in Charlestown, Massachusetts, with its European headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland, and can be found on the Web at

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