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PocketMed's PocketBilling V2.0 stand-alone charge capture and tracking software

This easy to learn program built with HanDBase application tool is a must have for all providers of patient care. The purpose is what the name implies…a portable, point-of-care application that produces a complete record of visits and appropriate coded charges.


The web site contains a comprehensive online manual that covers all actions and screens. A beginning user of a Palm OS device will have no difficulty in getting started. There is a 30-day trial version that provides enough time to try the program. Online purchase is available for $49.99 with a 30-day money back guarantee. Unique in this day and age of buyer beware.

Functions are really geared toward hospital rounds and charges, but the edit option would allow office visits, field and home visits which broadens this applications utilization. Initial charges with subsequent level of service with the appropriate visit code are available in a lookup screen.

The screens display a patient list, last round and admit date. By tapping "new" another screen appears where you enter the data that also takes you to an additional screen for denoting initial, subsequent charges with specifics for procedures, ER services and Nursing Home. The note section allows freedom to capture text notations unique to the patient.

Applicability for nursing is present. Primary care nurse practitioners can add procedures and visit types specific for their practice, along with settings.

Information contained in this application can be beamed to other providers and billing departments. The option is also available to print via IR that includes from memopad, Microsoft Access™ and Excel. Additional actions include, exporting data, deletion, report running and sorting with filter activities. This certainly could offer a method of quality practice monitoring, patient tracking and practice management.

The application professes the ability to store up to 60,000 patients. The price is reasonable given the ability to capture coding that is expedited by use of the handheld device and would certainly pay for itself in a short period of time. The skeptics can do the trial version and match that to the paper encounters for accuracy. I just wonder about the future ability to make this a truly universal application for ambulatory care centers?

Sylvia Suszka-Hildebrandt, MN, ARNP Editor PDA cortex



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