The first RFID Reader/Writer SD Card

Wireless Dynamics Inc. Announces the SDiD Card

Calgary, AB – March 15th, 2005 – Wireless Dynamics Inc., a leading provider of wireless ODM designs, products and services, announces the SDiD™ Card, the first RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) Reader/Writer SD (Secure Digital) Card in the industry. Now professionals can use their Personal Digital Assistants (PDA) and Smartphones as portable RFID terminals. Applications include reading and writing RFID tags for the health-care, pharmaceutical, homecare agencies.. Wireless Dynamics SDiD Card offers a seamless management solution for real-time inventory, asset and document tracking.

The Wireless Dynamics SDiD Card integrates RFID functionality into the existing computing power and connectivity of PDAs and Smartphones. RFID tag information can be communicated in real-time to the enterprise database through WiFi, CDMA, GSM or Bluetooth connection(s) associated with PDAs and Smartphones. The SDiD Card allows for safe and secure product and client information storage, updates and processing.

“We are excited about the added functionality this first of its kind SD card can provide users of PDAs and Smartphones,” said Ambrose Tam, Chief Executive Officer of Wireless Dynamics Inc. “The integration of the SDiD Card changes the way information and content can be safely and securely distributed, converting PDAs and Smartphones into RFID Readers/Writers. It is our goal to offer rapid deployment of technology solutions associated with RFID and NFC technology.”

The SDiD Card also supports Near Field Communication (NFC) technology allowing consumers to use their PDAs and Smartphones to access product and entertainment information, compare prices and make transactions quicker, easier and safer. Consumers can make contactless payments, redeem coupons and points and receive instant promotions and rewards. NFC is a combination of contactless identification and interconnection technologies developed by Philips and Sony. NFC enables short-range radio frequency (RF) communication between personal electronic devices. The NFC based SDiD Card allows PDA and Smartphone users to access product information or entertainment content such as pictures, music and video clips by waving their mobile devices in front of a smart poster or kiosk. Users can also exchange such information with other users through NFC or mobile connection of their devices.


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