SafeWiFi Securing 802.11b Networks

SafeWiFi: A New Service Offering Secures Wireless 802.11b Networks

August 2002: Brainlink International has announced its new service offering, SafeWiFi, which allows its customers to secure their wireless networks, increasing business efficiency and peace of mind.

Using high-grade encryption, Brainlink's SafeWiFi team can "lock down" your company's 802.11b network, allowing you to take full advantage of the conveniences and cost savings wireless offers, while reducing the risk of having your data exposed, your bandwidth exploited or your identity forged.

"Wireless is hot right now, but too many companies are installing it without fully addressing its security risks," says Brainlink International's CTO, Raj Goel, adding, "our SafeWiFi process allows companies with existing 802.11b networks to secure them, while also allowing those companies that thought they couldn't take advantage of wireless' cost savings to get on board."

Unlike other 802.11b security solutions, Brainlink's supports not just Windows clients, but also Mac, Linux and BSD clients -- meaning no one is left out of improved security. In most cases SafeWiFi can be implemented at a significant cost savings when compared to other competing and less flexible services.

SafeWiFi grew out of Brainlink's own needs. "We wanted to use 802.11b in our own offices, since it's easier to encourage collaboration amongst our technology innovators when they're not tethered to their desks," Goel says, "but a number of security concerns forced us to develop SafeWiFi before we were comfortable with that move."

Goel reports that those security issues included increasing incidents of warchalking, wardriving and warstorming, in which accessible 802.11b networks are mapped by and shared amongst hackers looking for free bandwidth or potential targets, and the setup of a public 802.11b network near Brainlink's offices, which radically increased wireless traffic in the area.

"Having a secure wireless network has been a wonderful step for Brainlink and we decided to market our SafeWiFi services, so that other companies could benefit from our approach to this exciting technology," Goel says.

Founded in 1994, Brainlink International is a technology services firm focused on applications and website development, security and privacy consulting, and managed hosting solutions. Brainlink's clients range from small business to Fortune-1000 companies and are in the healthcare, (including HIPAA compliance services) pharmaceutical, financial services, publishing and retail sectors.

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