Ultimate Drug Guide (UDG)

December 5, 2003

Today Medical Wizards Corporation announced the release of their Ultimate Drug Guide (UDG). The UDG is based on the Davis's Drug Guide and has substantial functionality not available in any other drug guide.

Until now Medical Wizards' product line has been that of specialized medical calculators. This product launches a new era in drug reference for nurses by merging drug reference with calculation tools; the UDG seamlessly allows nurses to reference drug information and calculate drug dosages for any given patient.

Unlike other productions of Davis's Drug Guide, UDG contains the entire content of the Davis's Drug Guide, not just the drug information sections. Additional tools such as unit conversion calculators are also incorporated.

This product merges many of the advantages of weight based drug dosing calculation with a comprehensive drug reference. The user can easily accesss the integrated critical care infusion calculators for items such as dopamine, nitroglycerin, amiodarone, and over 20 other common critical care medications. The flashing red calculator icon alerts the user when looking up a drug that a calculator is available.

The price is $49.99, which includes 12 months of updates. Memory requirements are more substantial than other drug guides, but the additional functionality and information matches the additional memory requirements.

For Palm OS users deploying to a storage card (SD or Memory Stick), RAM requirements are just 540 KB.

The total product is 8.3 MB for Palm OS and 8.85 MB for Pocket PC.



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