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ActiveECG Review Background

On June 25, 2001, we were the first to tell the world about a new breakthrough in a Palm OS based handheld cardiac monitor. Jeffrey Siegel, President of Active Corporation (the makers of the ActiveECG) had contacted us in September of 2000 to tell us about an upcoming Palm powered "monitoring device" that his company expected would be the first Palm powered device to receive FDA 510(k) clearance for clinical use. But Jeff was playing his cards "close to the chest" and would not tell us specifics on the device.

Mr. Siegel, (unlike so many device manufactures of today) wished to avoid excessive hyperbole and the premature product release publication. However he promised to keep us "in the loop". Months passed with little to no information being leaked. Then on the 25th of June Jeff wrote to us with full details on the product and announcing the immediate availability of the ActiveECG. Boy, did that get our attention! Jeff's company means business, and they know how to deliver. A few weeks later we got our first look of ActiveECG. We were so impressed with his product that we immediately called him and invited him to come to speak at IMICH (International Mobile Informatics Conference in Healthcare) held in Halifax, Nova Scotia on July 28, 2001.

Mr. Jeffrey Siegel, President of Active Corporation, demonstrates an early prototype of the ActiveECG encased in Tupperware at IMICH.

Mr. Siegel took the audience through the steps required to bring the first Palm powered cardiac monitor to market.

We also asked him to submit his product for a comprehensive 4 part review. Jeff readily agreed. We then assembled a multidisciplinary team of reviewers to put the ActiveECG through it's paces.

The ActiveECG Review Team:

Stewart Cameron MD - University of Dalhousie Department of Family Medicine - read it now

Alec Cooper MD - Family & ER Practitioner and Webmaster of drcooper.palm - read it now

Editor PDA cortex - read it now

.....(with additional comments by: Jeneane A. Brian, BSN, MBA, CEO, VNAHHS)

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