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Bumper Case for Palm

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I've had my bright yellow Bumper for two weeks now and I'm still hoping I'll drop my Palm - no really!

When I first opened the box it was sent in I read all of the printed material on the packaging, it said the Bumper was:

"The Fumble, Drop and Spill resistant Case"

And with just one look, I knew this was no ordinary case - this was serious protection for my treasured Palm, you know the one I've always been extra careful with, but now I can hardly wait to drop it!

No I'm not mad but this case does give you the feeling that it can "take it".

So I've been looking for a "real life" story I could tell you about. A story about how my Bumper protected Palm fell from incredible heights and bounced back unscathed form it's traumatic event.

But alas it won't fall.

I even gone as far a thinking, just thinking mind you, about dropping it "accidentally" , so I could tell you this amazing story about it's survival.

But then it occurred to me what the real story here is. Peace of mind. I no longer worry about dropping my treasured Palm.

The Concept Kitchen went to great lengthens to give me this peace of mind. They contracted the leading design company, Bridge Design, to design the Bumper.

Bridge developed the Bumper, for the Palm Organizers for the Concept Kitchen. Bridge Design were responsible for the initial design, engineering and testing. The Bumper won an IF Good Design award in Europe.

This form-fitting accessory is attractive and rugged at the same time!

The Company calls the Bumper, a "ruggedized" case for the Palm Organizers. It features a foldaway lid, dual stylus ports, built in loops for a neck strap and a pass-through infrared window which allows for beaming and infrared synchronization while the unit remains safely protected.

The impact resistant plastic lid clips securely in place.


You have two colors to choose from:

Sport Yellow


Asphalt Grey


The Bumper is the best way for a busy clinician to protect your Palm!

Bumper measures- 5-3/8" x 3-3/4" x 1".

The Bumper Fits:

  • Palm V (adapter included),

  • Palm III series

  • Palm Pilot Personal

  • Palm Pilot Professional

  • Pilot 5000

  • Pilot 1000

  • TRGpro

The Bumper does NOT fit:

  • Palm VII,

  • Palm IIIc,

  • Handspring Visor

  • or any other handheld device.

Price: 39.99 (USD)

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