Guidant to Use VivoMetrics' LifeShirt in Heart Failure Research and Development

Guidant Corporation has signed a contract to use VivoMetrics' LifeShirt System to help develop new diagnostic and therapeutic features for future generations of heart failure devices. Under the agreement, Guidant will purchase LifeShirt System monitoring over the next four years, and has licensed use of VivoLogic software for processing and analyzing the collected data.

According to John Hatlestad, Guidant's managing scientist for the project, the company plans to use the LifeShirt System to monitor changes in physiological signals associated with congestive heart failure (CHF). "CHF is a complex disease that involves cardiovascular and other physiological systems of the body," said Hatlestad. "The LifeShirt System will allow us, for the first time, to obtain data gathered simultaneously from a suite of physiological sensors on a long-term, ambulatory basis. Prior to this, it has not been practical to gather data with high fidelity continuously, day after day, as the patients go about their normal daily activities."

The contract follows a preliminary, Guidant-sponsored evaluation study involving 10 subjects, each of whom wore the LifeShirt System for seven consecutive days. "We chose to continue working with the LifeShirt System because it is the only commercially available, FDA-cleared system that provides the combination of sensors we are interested in monitoring," said Hatlestad.

The LifeShirt System is the first non-invasive, continuous ambulatory monitoring system that can collect data on cardiac and respiratory function and other physiological parameters, and correlate them over time. Its sensors monitor heart function, posture and physical activity, and it features an enhanced, ambulatory version of the technology that is currently the gold standard for in-hospital, non-invasive respiratory monitoring and apnea detection. It also includes a diary function to capture subjective patient

"The understanding of normal and abnormal physiology gained through long-term, continuous ambulatory monitoring using the LifeShirt System will be
an invaluable contribution to the understanding of CHF and other complex diseases," said Paul Kennedy, chief executive officer of VivoMetrics. "It is
our mission to help companies like Guidant, and other leading medical device and pharmaceutical companies, bring new, improved technologies and
therapeutics to the market."

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About Guidant

Guidant Corporation pioneers lifesaving technology, giving an opportunity for better life today to millions of cardiac and vascular patients worldwide.
The company, driven by a strong entrepreneurial culture of more than 10,000 employees, develops, manufactures and markets a broad array of products
and services that enable less invasive care for some of life's most threatening medical conditions.

About VivoMetrics

Founded in 1999, VivoMetrics is a privately held company that provides continuous ambulatory monitoring products and services for the collection,
analysis and reporting of patient-specific physiologic data. The company's offerings, based on proprietary, field-tested technologies, have the potential
to change the way clinical research is conducted and medicine is practiced.

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