Imperito Offers Free VPNs to Small Firms That Deploy PocketPCs

SAN MATEO, Calif. - January 06, 2003 - Imperito, Inc., a leading provider of enterprise access and security management solutions, today announced a bold new initiative to help businesses of any size securely protect network and application access via wired and wireless Internet connections. Responding to the growing threats faced by enterprises with remote workers, partners and customers, Imperito is placing its remote access VPN solution, SafeSecure Access Site, on its web site for free download. SafeSecure Access Site is the most complete remote access VPN software solution available including: VPN client and server, PKI, unique device authentication (soft tokens), access control and comprehensive security management. The Windows based solution has earned a reputation for being very simple to implement, fast to deploy and transparent to use.

SafeSecure Access is currently deployed around the world by enterprises of all sizes. It is easily installed by Windows administrators even though they may not have any specific security training. It is simply managed on an ongoing basis thus reducing overall personnel requirements and it is easily upgraded as performance needs dictate. Additionally, SafeSecure Access Site is compatible with existing networks and firewalls.

SafeSecure Access Site is an ideal mobility solution securely enabling devices and applications over a range of network types. Native support for 802.11, GPRS and 1XRTT allows clients on laptops and PocketPC based PDAs to roam across networks and maintain a secure connection to the enterprise. Organizations currently using SafeSecure Access Site include: educational institutions, law enforcement agencies, state and local government agencies, healthcare providers, and other medium and large-sized businesses looking for a complete and proven remote access VPN solution.

Through March 31, 2003 Imperito will offer a free twenty-five user version with a license that is good for one year. Support options include:

  • basic support via Imperito's web site at no cost
  • phone support from Imperito with a nominal per-incident fee
  • Purchase a copy of SafeSecure Access Site 4.2 (MSRP $2,195) and receive ongoing support and version upgrades.

"SafeSecure Access is already in use by businesses around the globe, so first time users will have the ability to evaluate a solution that is proven, easy to use and maintain, integrates easily with any corporate firewall and offers all the components needed for a comprehensive remote access solution," said Andrew Morbitzer, senior director of marketing for Imperito. "Businesses who may have been locked out of incorporating an appliance-based security solution due to the high associated costs and complexity, can now try our software solution risk-free. By giving away a complete version of a leading remote access solution we're helping to ensure no business has an excuse for not being secure."

To receive a free copy of SafeSecure Access Site 4.2, simply register at


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