First Compact Flash CDPD Deviece - PocketSpider

PocketSpider Transforms a PDA into a Powerful Wireless Tool

November 2000


Nextcell, Inc., the wireless data solutions company, announced the availability of the PocketSpider, the first wireless Internet protocol (CDPD) device designed exclusively to fit in a CompactFlash slot of a personal digital assistant (PDA). The PocketSpider, weighing just 3.5 ounces (99.2 grams) with the battery, delivers the power of wireless data to the mobile community.


The PocketSpider

Using a TRGpro PDA with the Palm OS (also works with Microsoft's PocketPCs), the PocketSpider supports e-mail, web browsing, messaging and enterprise solutions and provides capabilities never before possible. Users can go through the same familiar browsing experience that they use every day at their desktops. Because the PocketSpider has its own LCD screen, all status information such as signal strength, channel number, battery status and registration state is displayed on the modem screen without taking valuable screen space from the user's application.

The PocketSpider comes with a charger and built-in battery, which provides about eight hours of normal usage and does not drain the PDA power supply. The PocketSpider has been compatibility tested with Casio, Compaq, TRG and Hewlett Packard products. Using a unique and innovative approach, installation and application software are provided on a CompactFlash memory card eliminating the need for an additional computer.

"With the introduction of the PocketSpider, Nextcell is continuing its leadership role in the wireless marketplace by providing information anytime, anywhere," said Mark Weinzierl, Nextcell chief executive officer and president. "The PocketSpider transforms a PDA from simply a handheld device into a powerful tool that gives users untold convenience and freedom of mobility. For instance, users can access the Internet, corporate intranet or enterprise information, obtain information such as stock quotes, traffic conditions, airline arrivals and departures as well as send and receive e-mail."


Price and Availability

Priced at $349, the PocketSpider may be ordered from Nextcell's list of authorized resellers, or from Nextcell.


About Nextcell

Based in the telecom corridor of Plano, Texas, Nextcell is a leader in enabling wireless data solutions to enhance mobility and data access from remote locations for public and corporate sectors. Nextcell products provide access to mission-critical data, files and applications - quickly and wirelessly. Nextcell products are available through a growing network of distributors, wireless providers and resellers.

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