Palm Vx Review


The visual and tactile exploration for selection of a PDA caused this 4 oz. dynamo to shout 'yes, buy me'! It did not come with colored case or screen , but hands on comparison placed this model high on the scale for performance without depleting ones funds. It feels comfortable in my rather small hands and with a tap of the stylus programs appear surprisingly fast. Software loaded without a hitch and holds its place on my desktop. A few short hours of playing and reading were all that was needed to begin.

It was incredibly easy to program a rather lengthy address list that was kept on a small electronic organizer, 3 small Rolodex like files and numerous pieces of paper along with a bulky daytimer. The memo list is a bonus for individuals who simultaneously have far too many fires in the bucket and activities to follow. All data can be backed up with the touch of a button, no more lost files due to battery malfunctions. For the first time…all of my addresses, memo's, to do lists and complete calendar is in one place.

Three weeks after purchase, the Palm Vx was still running on the first charge. Definitely a plus, since the household cannot seem to keep ahead of the battery elves. The online super fix for the software error loaded without difficulty. Pendragon forms matched my expectations for seamless loading and linking to the desktops Microsoft Access ready for action in a few short minutes with all the necessary icons available on the Palm. I wanted to immediately download some of the numerous shareware programs, but need to wait until my first project application is produced. Meanwhile my mind can plan for future uses in our nursing discipline.

The only negative is the somewhat poor illumination with use of the backlight.


Sylvia E. Suszka-Hildebrandt, MN, ARNP, Editor PDA cortex


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