Palm & the Wireless Market


Wireless data connectivity for the PalmV & Palm m500 series.


Palm may have delayed it's release of the i705, but it is increasing it's wireless "presence", albeit through the back door.

In two separate announcements made recently it's becoming clear that Palm is "eyeing" the lucrative email/pager and instant messaging (IM) market currently dominated by Research In Motion's BlackBerry device.

1) Palm Canada announced on October 1st that it had signed a deal with Veratium Software Ltd. of Vancouver BC to use Veratium's Motivus software, which will give Palm m500 series users wireless access.

Palm's initial push behind its wireless launch will occur in Western Canada on Telus Mobility's cellular network. And has plans to work with other wireless service providers across Canada to expand it's offering in the coming months.
This is a leadership role for the Canadian operation," Mr. Moskowitz said. "Internally, we will be evaluating this project to see if we can roll it out in the U.S."

2) Motient, a Reston, Va.-based wireless service provider for Research In Motion's BlackBerry e-mail devices, next week will announce a pager modem and service for the Palm V. Motient will be rolling out a service powdered by the Dualwave wireless modem manufactured by an Australian based company called WaveNet.

Dualwave's unique PUSH technology 'wakes up' the PDA and immediately alerts the user of a new message.
Once attached the DualWave modem never needs to be disconnected as the serial port provides the following functions for the PDA user by:

  • providing for synchronization between the PDA and the PC

  • allowing the simultaneous charging of the Palm and modems batteries

  • allowing the use of modem function for transmitting and receiving data to a PC.

Wireless services in both countries are expected to be initially priced in the $50.00 per month range.


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