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Recipient of the PDA cortex

golden software award

PediSuite from Medical Wizards recipient of the PDA cortex golden software award.

As a relatively new company, Medical Wizards has entered the mobile healthcare applications market with guns a blazing. Their release of a timely, first class application specific to pediatrics could not have come at a more appropriate time ...of course I'm not biased just because my specialty happens to be peds! ;-)

Nurses will easily recognize the full utility of PediSuite v1.70 after only a cursory view. This pediatric specific reference provides accurate, current data as presented in their modular multifunctional software written for the Palm OS. PediSuite provides both calculations and informational functionality for pediatric healthcare professionals.

PediSuite consists of seven individual modules:


1. Pediabx: combines an information resource and integrated calculator for dosing of IV/IM and PO antibiotics for neonates, infants and children. Antipyretics and minor pain medications are included since they are commonly prescribed as an adjunct to antibiotic therapy.


2. Pedicode: a seamless resource and calculator for 28 medications used during critical care and emergency codes.


3. Pedidrips: fully capable drip calculator including full mixing, continuous infusing, and compatibility information for initiation of pediatric critical drips. While many drugs can be mixed into a variety of solutions, the two most common available solutions were chosen giving priority for D5W and NS in the standard infusion bag size.


4. Pedidrugs: contains a full complement of information for all commonly used OTC/Rx medications that includes options for IV, IM, PO and suppository forms


5. PediInfo: an organized text providing a resource guide for pertinent issues in the care of pediatric patients. Current information is available on Burns/Trauma, EKG, genital infections, murmurs, rashes, and tube selection guide based on size/weight.


6. PediTox: Advice management for common poisonings, overdoses, ingestions and bites. An integrated calculator is provided for antidotes. Telehealth providers will enjoy the additional guide that supplies poison control center phone numbers for all 50 states!


7. PediGrowth: need a rapid calculation for growth data-Medical Wizards included the gender specific height, weight and OFC calculator based on CDC's 2000 data.

What makes this application unique is having this all in one place. Screen advancement from the weight entry (either kilograms or pounds) quickly advances to the chosen drug screen, then onto the reference information, all with a few simple taps of the stylus. One clear advantage is the backward scroll to recalculate for the next patient, choose another medication, or back to the main screen to choose another module. When the pediatric patients weight is high enough to require high dosing, the program automatically limits the recommended dose to the maximum recommended rather than the actual mg. Or mcg/kg that could be calculated for the weight. Co infusing through the same line is addressed by the quick reference compatibility for two drugs.

Ah, but we are not finished yet ... beaming of the PediCode data to another Palm device is functional. Only the program information selected will be sent and not the total database.

Minimum requirements:

  • Palm OS 3.2 and requires 680 KB free space on your device

  • AppForge Booster * (included in the download) requires an additional 340 KB free space on your device.

Currently Palm O/S downloads are available for both the Mac and PC, Pocket PC downloads will be available October 2001.

PediSuite is available for $39.99 (Includes 1 year of free updates).

Additional product updates can be purchased at any future time for $14.99.

PediParents, a Health Care Consumer's version will be available August 20 for $14.99

PDA cortex applauds Medical Wizards for their foresight and thoughtful compilation of PediSuite by awarding them the golden software ward. We can hear the professionals caring for pediatric patients clapping loudly across the continent.

Sylvia E. Suszka-Hildebrandt, MN, ARNP Editor PDA cortex

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