PHT to use Palm m500 for Data Capture In Clinical Trials

SANTA CLARA, Calif., March 26 Palm, Inc. a provider of handheld computers, and PHT Corporation, the leader in eClinical Trials and mobile clinical data capture, announced that PHT Corporation has purchased 3,000 Palm m500 handheld computers. Additionally, PHT Corporation has agreed to purchase approximately 13,000 more Palm m500 handhelds over the course of this calendar year. PHT Corporation serves the biopharmaceutical industry and provides eClinical Trial technology that is used by some of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world.

Worldwide, patients and investigators, such as doctors or nurses, will use the Palm handhelds to record data collected in clinical trials. The handhelds are configured by PHT to collect information for the trial in a way that makes data collection easy and convenient for patients and doctors. The configured
handhelds are referred to as Esendant LogPads by PHT during the trials. Patients answer questions and enter requested information and symptoms as they
occur. After completing their report, patients or doctors attach a modem and send the collected data back to PHT's StudyServer, where authorized personnel can view and analyze the information securely over the web via Esendant StudyWorks, PHT's web-based electronic data capture and management product.

"The FDA sets tough security and reliability standards for handhelds used in clinical trials," said Steve Raymond, chief scientist at PHT Corporation. "We chose Palm handhelds for all of our clinical trials worldwide because they were the only handhelds to pass all of the FDA and other requirements we must

PHT Corporation, which has been using Palm handhelds in their clinical trials since June 2000, reports that the use of Palm handhelds in clinical trials has increased ten-fold the compliance levels achieved by study participants. It also saves the cost of manual data collection and improves the quality of the data being collected, so drugs can get to market faster and more safely. Esendant LogPad, developed by PHT, supports multiple languages and has been used in more than 14 therapeutic areas by more than 12,000 patients and 900 investigators in clinical trials worldwide.

About PHT Corporation
PHT Corporation is a leading technology provider of eClinical Trials and mobile clinical data capture products that are designed to support the vision of transforming clinical research through innovative technology. Some of the world's largest pharmaceutical, biotech and medical device companies are using
PHT's Esendant Clinical Network technology to improve the data capture, safety, and speed of the clinical trial process. PHT is headquartered in
Charlestown, Mass. with a European office in Geneva, Switzerland, and can be found on the Web at


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