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Travel with your presentation in your pocket? You bet you can! The recent world events have made drastic changes in the way people travel and what they pack. PowerPoint usage has become the norm replacing the slide projector presentations of yesteryear. And the Margi Presenter-to-Go makes it a breeze to take your presentations on the road with you.

The complete contents of the Margi Presenter-to-Go for Handspring handhelds includes:

· A/C Adapter power supply 100-240V
· 14-button infrared remote control
· Carry pouch for the remote and module
· Installation CD
· 12" HD15 (VGA) adapter with power port, plus male to male gender bender connector
· Margi springboard module with quick start guide


Not wanting to burden my travels for presentations with a laptop these days, I chose to investigate this unique product. My motto of late is travel light as those long lines can produce weariness prior to departure.

System requirements for either a laptop or desktop are:

· 32 MB RAM
· 50 MB Hard Drive
· Windows98, 98SE, Millenium, 2000, XP, NT4 or Mac OS 8.5 or higher, excluding OS X Operating System
· Handspring handheld cradle with Palm Desktop software loaded
· Any Handspring Visor (Palm OS 3.1 or higher)
o Pentium 166 MHz or higher running Windows 2000/NT/98/ME/XP and HotSync cradle.
o Macintosh running OS 8.5 or higher, excluding OS X and HotSync cradle.

After completing my PowerPoint presentation, I chose to load it on my new Handspring Visor Pro mainly because of the 16 MB memory capacity. Reading the user's guide as my nightly bedtime reading helped to instill the steps into this middle-aged brain. However, I needn't have worried. The easy to follow sequential steps made the process painless. Talk about surprise when this all worked in a matter of seconds with the entire presentation visible on the handheld. I could hardly contain myself to see it operate.

Arriving at the Central Arizona Nursing Informatics conference in Phoenix October 20 with my small bag of goodies and seeing many of the other presenters with laptops in tow made me smile. Being first on the agenda has advantages. A few connections and there it was projecting a crisp 1024 x 768 8 bit color resolution. It took a few tries of the remote to understand angles for the IR transmission. Even with the graphics (jpeg) rich PowerPoint, the forwarding to the next slide was spontaneous.

Per a note in the manual, I did not include any special slide transitions or animations as only static slides are supported. However, that presented little problem. In total, the two slide presentations contained almost 2 MB of data which is the limit (The module has about 1.65MB of space, but presentations can also be saved to the Visor's memory or a flash memory module) There was no negative impact on my other applications.

Control features of the program include:

· Selecting from multiple presentations
· Setting up either a manual or automatic show
· Selectively hide/show slides
· View slide notes
· Drag and drop reorganization of individual slides in the presentation
· Loop functioning

The remote is this little wonder that has forward, reverse, and auto. It is also capable of a 10 key direct slide selection and a special return to the last slide buttons.

An added bonus is the Margi Mirror feature. It is a scaled down version of the Palm Emulator and works with similar results. I had also installed this module on another handheld the Visor Delux. The two handhelds were the control point for my presentation of PowerPoint and actual demonstrations of various applications specific to healthcare. The most unique was utilizing this mirror functioning to demo and build a database using HanDBase as the rapid developmental tool.

The company has recently added the capability of using this gem for any Pocket PC handheld with a PC card slot or jacket.

No need to worry if you do not own a color handheld. Whatever background you choose in Powerpoint is replicated on projection with the Margi presenter-to-go. That is 'in living color'!

The list price of $299 is a bargain price for the enhanced functionality included.

Join today's professionals in becoming a "trailblazer" (This is what Margi means in the Indian language Sanskrit)

Sylvia Suszka Hildebrandt, MN, ARNP,CASNI , Editor PDA cortex

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