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"In Your Dreams"

June 25, 2003 A Swedish company, PrintDreams, the developer of Random Movement Printing Technology (RMPT), today has announced the release of PrintBrush, the world's smallest and only fully format-independent printer.

The printer has the length of a normal ball-point pen while its width and height are more or less equivalent to the width of a modern mobile phone. The total volume is less than 300 c.c. and weights around 350 grams. This first version of PrintBrush was designed to fit into a shirt pocket.

Internet content, SMS, pictures and other information is downloaded to the PrintBrush from PDAs, mobile phones and laptop computers via a Bluetooth wireless link. Then, by following the RMPT principle the device is hand operated by sweeping it across any type of print media, no matter what its shape, size or thickness. The printout will then start to appear right behind the sweeps. The device takes into account all the parameters of the hand movement, including rotation and sudden changes of speed and acceleration. The resulting image on the printed media is very much like its digital counterpart.

Traditional printers are dependent on accurate linear movements and paper-feeding mechanisms.

PrintDream’s Random Movement Printing Technology (RMPT) translates random motion (hand movements) into high quality text or image print outs.

Potential RMPT applications include scheduling, bar codes, prescriptions and more. In fact it will print almost anything you can imagine on almost any printable surface.

Example of a calendar printout.

Example of a bar-code on cardboard.

Since the first prototype was showed last year at the CeBIT in Hannover, Germany, PrintDreams has been developing the RMPT technology on fast forward. A great breakthrough came a few weeks ago when the company released its OptoNav sensor, which is an extremely accurate optical navigation sensor aimed to further push the RMPT technology to a higher level of print quality and performance.

"PrintDreams business model is to license RMPT technology to OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) that will develop, manufacture and distribute the final products under their own brand name. We have during the last year established contacts with global manufacturers that recognize the potential in RMPT based printer products for various applications. The PrintBrush represents an essential step in [our plans to go to market] by demonstrating performance and functionality that meets user expectation for a truly mobile printer. We are expecting the first RMPT based printer products to be launched on the market early 2005" says Jan Erik Hedborg, CEO PrintDreams.

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