Harmony 802.11b CompactFlash Card For the PocktPC

802.11b Interoperability for Compaq and Casio Pocket PC

Proxim, Inc. has announced the availability of its new IEEE 802.11b wireless network connectivity solution for leading Pocket PC-based handhelds. The Harmony 802.11b CompactFlash Card will enable Pocket PC users to stay connected to their enterprise LANs without sacrificing connection speeds or reliability, helping to improve users’ productivity.
“Pocket PC users need a fast, simple solution to wirelessly connect with enterprise LANs,” said Lynn Chroust, director of Proxim’s Commercial Networks Business Unit. “Proxim’s Harmony 802.11b CompactFlash Card provides the fastest connection available, with interoperability to existing 802.11b environments, making it an excellent choice for business and professional users.”

Proxim’s Harmony 802.11b CompactFlash card enables connection speeds up to 11 Mbps, making it ideal for the robust applications needed by mobile users. Additionally, it works with a company’s existing Harmony 802.11b solution so it is easy to integrate into an overall solution. The Harmony 802.11b CompactFlash Card is ideal for use in hospitals, universities and other enterprise environments.

“The availability of a high-speed, robust wireless solution is critical for users who want to use their Pocket PCs to access networked applications,” said Andy Haon, director of product planning for the Mobile Devices Division at Microsoft Corp. “Proxim’s Harmony 802.11b CompactFlash Card is a great addition to the Pocket PC platform's connectivity options that are available to users.”

The Harmony 802.11b CompactFlash Card is optimized to work with the Compaq iPAQ H3600 Series and the Casio Cassiopeia E125 Pocket PCs, delivering the speed and reliability needed for robust mobile applications. It is part of Proxim’s 802.11a-ready Harmony family of products, the industry’s most flexible, multi-standard wireless enterprise networking solution. Harmony embraces all current wireless LAN standards, including IEEE 802.11b and OpenAir. This product extends Proxim’s CompactFlash offering for Pocket PCs, which also includes the Harmony CompactFlash Card using the OpenAir standard, announced earlier this year.

“The Proxim Harmony 802.11b CompactFlash Card is an excellent wireless solution for users of the Casio Cassiopeia,” said Scott Nelson, Product Manager, Mobile Information Products Division at Casio. “Its flexibility and easy migration path to future technologies make it an ideal solution for businesses that need a mobile solution that will continue to grow.”


Proxim’s Harmony 8630 802.11b CompactFlash card is available immediately, for a retail price of $199.

About Proxim Harmony

The Harmony product family is the industry’s most flexible, multi-standard wireless enterprise networking solution. Designed to work with any wireless technology, Harmony lets enterprises install an 802.11b wireless network now and migrate easily to 802.11a or other future technologies when available. Robust, enterprise-class security is built-in.

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