SafeNet Announces Security Solutions for 802.11 Applications


SafeNet, a provider of Internet security technology that is the de facto standard in the VPN industry, announced that its industry-leading VPN software, SoftRemote, is available to provide an immediate solution to the recent security vulnerabilities concerning wireless LANs, addressing issues with the Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) standard, as well as securing a variety of IP communications methods.

SoftRemote is a FIPS 140-1 and IPSec standards-based remote access client offering secure communications for a variety of IP transports including 802.11 wireless technology, remote access, broadband technology, fast Ethernet, ISDN, and frame-relay. Through robust testing by SafeNet's security experts, as well as specific feature enhancements requested by leading security OEM customers, SoftRemote inherently offers greater security than is available over other standards such as WEP.

"Linksys is a strong proponent for maximizing security in home and business communications", said Ross Fujimoto, Linksys Sr. Manager, Corporate & Information Technologies. "SafeNet's expertise in the security industry has allowed them to develop more secure, high-quality products that enhance existing security protocols such as the 802.11 WEP Standard."

Wireless LAN technology is exploding because companies can set up wireless access points inexpensively and have instant connectivity to corporate information. Wireless users can address their security concerns just by having SoftRemote installed at desktops and laptops, and installing an IPSec-interoperable gateway behind the wireless access point. Since IPSec is based on strong security through proven algorithms, using it over wireless LANs can address security concerns for wireless users such as eavesdropping, dictionary attacks, decryption of traffic, and unauthorized use.

"Our security experts designed SoftRemote to offer interoperable security for a wide range of wired and wireless applications," said Tony Caputo, Chairman and CEO for SafeNet, Inc. "We secure information at the IP level for a variety of communications methods making SoftRemote a VPN product that can be deployed in many applications. Users don't have to wait for strong security over wireless LANs. It is available today by deploying SoftRemote."


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