Skyscape Triples Revenues, Reports Record Year

HUDSON, Mass. - February 24, 2003 - Skyscape, Inc., today announced that it tripled its revenues in 2002, as a result of significant customer and partnership successes. Skyscape's strategy of providing trusted medical and nursing references from leading publishers has been the key to widespread acceptance of its solutions by medical and nursing professionals, hospitals and healthcare enterprises, resulting in the tripling of its user base.

Additionally, Skyscape more than tripled its number of alliances with the world's leading medical and nursing publishers, including McGraw-Hill, Elsevier Health Science, F.A. Davis, Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, Facts and Comparisons, Thomson, Therapeutic Research and Springer-Verlag. The company now offers more than 100 trusted "powered by Skyscape" references for Palm and Pocket PC/Windows CE devices, a significant increase since 2001.

Skyscape-powered software has been deployed throughout the enterprise with health information partnership companies. At the University of Louisville,
more than 900 PDAs with Skyscape applications were deployed to its doctors and residents to improve the access to critical information and quality of
healthcare. Studies have shown that the ability to access and retrieve information at the point-of-care reduces medical errors and increases the time available to deliver quality patient care.

Since its founding in 1993, Skyscape has been a visionary leader in the PDA market with a number of recognized firsts:

· The first company to initiate PDA solutions for healthcare with its landmark Constellation Project involving Apple's Newton platform with Brigham & Women's Hospital, Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital.

· The first patented technology enabling seamless integration between trusted medical references from different sources including the Physicians' Desk Reference and Griffith's 5-Minute Clinical Consult. smARTlinkT is part of Skyscape's patented technology that can aggregate information from any
source, organize the information and then create highly intuitive context-sensitive solutions for PDAs, cell phones and other devices.

· The first company to offer end-to-end mobile medical solutions - including data input and transactions through partners such as MedAptus and ArcStream.

· The first company in this market to have more than 150,000 active, registered users of trusted, gold standard medical and nursing reference content.

· The first company to deploy a comprehensive portfolio of trusted content to healthcare professionals all over the world through partnerships with over 19 of the world's most trusted medical and nursing content providers.

· The first company to offer over 100 medical and nursing references for the handheld platform - in over 25 specialties.

· The first company in its market to form partnerships with more than 120 residency and medical school programs, hospitals and group practices -
including Harvard Medical School, Stanford University, Abbott Northwestern, and the University of Massachusetts Medical Schools.

· The first company to partner with worldwide, non-profit agencies such as SATELLIFE and the Academic Alliance for AIDS Care and Prevention in Africa to provide clinical references to physicians in remote areas such as Uganda and Kenya.

"Skyscape is proud of our achievements in 2002 where we provided medical practitioners access to the information needed to improve the quality and
efficiency of healthcare decision making," stated Sandeep Shah, president and CEO of Skyscape. "The increased adoption rate from healthcare enterprises validates our solution strategy. And we look forward to 2003 where Skyscape will continue to strengthen its leadership position with the launch of our next generation platform for the enterprise."

Skyscape in Action

In 2002, Skyscape's technology helped save lives worldwide, from high-tech corridors to the most remote parts of the world. In Massachusetts, emergency responders from MedFlight access critical information en route to accidents. And through its partnerships with SATELLIFE and the Academic Alliance, Skyscape also brought its technology to Uganda and Kenya, where it provided medical professionals with the information they required, even when out in the field.

Skyscape's solutions bring critical, actionable information to doctors, in a context they can use - reducing the time doctors need to access critical information. Through the use of Skyscape solutions on their handhelds, physicians can diagnose illnesses, determine treatment, prescribe medication, identify drug interactions, calculate dosages, and perform all the necessary steps involved with quality patient care right at the patient's bedside.

Research has shown that the ability to capture and retrieve information at the point-of-care can reduce the time it takes to deliver care in half and can significantly reduce prescription errors. The power of handhelds has been recognized by the medical industry, with almost 50 percent of doctors and residents today using the devices. Skyscape's ARTT (Advance Reference and Transaction Technology) based solutions enable practitioners to follow
their own intuitive thought process and workflow, improving care quality and reducing administrative time.



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