Spiros Kontos' Software Review

Three Palm OS software applications developed by Spiros Konstas RN

Doser 4.0

A straight forward practical application that will make those pads of paper and regular calculators obsolete to nurses with a handheld using the Palm OS. Utilization is appropriate for numerous employment settings. There are three (3) main options. Clear the fields, calculate and quit. Weight Data can be entered in either Kgs or lbs which are today's standards. Basically four fields need entry for calculations. Weight, total mg, volume in ml, and rate of ml/hour. With just a tap of the stylus the computation appears. These are presented in ug/ml, ug/kg/min and hour, and mg/kg/min and hour.


PICU 3.0

A rapid input of the patients weight is all that is needed for this calculation to occur. The display is in ml/dose. In the Vasoactive section the medications are calculated by mg/50ml of solution. The concentrations were based on the Cardiac surgery protocol at Sainte Justines pediatric hospital in Montreal Canada. There are three main categories. Reanimation, intubation and vasoactive for calculation. Each category contains the needed drugs and solutions necessary for the category. This screen could also serve as a record for documentation and disposition of the patient. How well PICU staff know that in a crisis situation recording is not the first priority. A well thought out application that responds to the situation at hand


RSI 1.0

Rapid Sequence Intubation is applicable for both adults and children. Intubation occurs for Maintenance of a clear airway, Protection of the trachea and lungs, facilitates removal of mucus and other undesirable material from the airway, and Controlled mechanical ventilation. The end goal being stabilization of the airway. Each table has a link under info that further defines the drugs for mg/kg, and mg/ml. The standard protocol meds also delineate when and how much additional saline is needed. Simply enter the patients weight and the calculation takes place for drug doses.


Spiros has produced three excellent applications with a high degree of nursing functionality. Each of these applications are stand-alone applications, meaning they require no third party software to run.

Spiros is a self taught Palm OS developer (the only formal computer training Spiros has ever received was in high school!). For his Tour de Force performance in lighting the way for all nurses to follow, we have awarded Spiros the Mobile RN Award.

Sylvia Suszka-Hildebrandt, MN, ARNP Editor PDA cortex

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