ViewPad 100 SuperPDA

The ViewPad 100 SuperPDA, from ViewSonic, features a high luminance SVGA TFT touch screen LCD displays allowing for 800 x 600 resolution. The SuperPDA also works in portrait or landscape orientations and offers additional expandability with USB and PC Card ports, as well as stereo sound and a built-in microphone and speaker.

A viable alternative to a notebook, you can use it to create and edit converted versions of Word and Excel documents and to view PowerPoint and PDF files. And with the ample 10" full-color touchscreen display, reading glasses become optional.

"The ViewPads are the first in a new generation of products that will expand mobile computing," said Tom Offutt, general manager of Advanced Technologies for ViewSonic.

At less than 2.5 pounds, the ViewPad 100 SuperPDA is a lightweight, expandable, handheld mobile communication and information management product.

The ViewPad 100 features an "instant on" Microsoft Windows CE 3.0 operating system, a 206MHz Intel StrongARM processor, 32MB of Flash ROM and 64MB of SDRAM memory, supporting rich multimedia capabilities such as MP3, Windows Media Player and voice recording. The ViewPad 100 offers expandability and flexibility, supporting both CompactFlash and PC Card expansion options.

Price: $1,240 (The cradle is optional at a cost of $130.00)


Processor 206MHz Intel® StrongARM® SA-1110
Operating System Microsoft Windows CE 3.0™
Memory Flash 32MB
Graphics Media-Q MQ200 Graphics Controller, 2MB Embedded Memory, 128bit 2D Graphics
Video Resolution Built-in LCD Display 800 x 600 in landscape mode
600 x 800 in portrait mode
External Display 640 x 480 at 60Hz, 75Hz, 85Hz
800 x 600 at 60Hz, 75Hz, 85Hz
1024 x 768 at 60Hz, 75Hz, 85Hz
Display   High Luminance SVGA 10" TFT LCD Display
Resistive Touch Screen
Expansion Slots One Type II PC Card / One Type II CompactFlash
Audio 18bit A/D stereo, 48KHz sampling rate, built-in microphone and one speaker
System Ports Universal Serial Bus (USB) port, microphone and audio out jack, infrared data port, USB synchronization/cradle 16-pin connector, mini-VGA port
One-Touch Access Buttons Jog dial, toggle button, four-way directional,enter, lauch dial
Battery Rechargeable 1800 mAh Lithium Ion Battery Pack
AC Adapter 90- 264V AC 50/60Hz; 19.5V DC Output Voltage; 2.0A 40W Power Output
Dimensions 8.4" x 11.3" x 0.9" (L x W x D); 212.8mm x 287.7mm x 23mm (L x W x D)
Weight 2.5 lbs / 1.1 kg
Warranty 1-year limited warranty on parts and labor
Additional Software Web Browser and Applications Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0, Jeode Java Virtual Machine
Productivity Applications Microsoft Pocket Word, Pocket On-Schedule (Microsoft Outlook compatible),Pocket Inbox, Primer PDF Viewer, PTab Spreadsheet Software (Microsoft Excel compatible), ClearVue presentation viewer
Communication Applications bSquare Messenger, Citrix ICA Client 6.0, Microsoft RDP 5.0
Multimedia Applications MP3 Player, voice recorder
Additional Applications Microsoft ActiveSync™, Display Utility, MBA Calculator, Calligrapher® 6.0 handwriting recognition software with virtual keyboard, Task Manager, JETCET™ PRINT


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