Symbol Commander software now available on Pocket PC
Palo Alto, California, September 2002 -- Sensiva, Inc. has announced the introduction of the Pocket PC version of its award-winning software Symbol Commander. Like its Windows version counterpart already used by over 2 million people worldwide and integrated in PC products made by leading companies, the software transforms the computing experience. Symbol Commander allows users to command and control their device faster and more easily just by making gestures on the screen with the pen. They draw a "W" to launch their word processor, an "e" to check their email, simple lines to copy/paste, etc. Sensiva's patented technology recognizes the user's handwriting with unparalleled performance and tolerance, without any training, and executes commands accordingly and instantly. It runs on top of existing applications and works universally with all of them.

"While PDAs feature always more power, memory, connectivity, and functionality, the screen size is still a major limitation, hence the need for an interface that doesn't take any space on the screen." said David Dupouy, Sensiva, Inc.'s CEO. "Symbol Commander takes zero real estate on the screen. Holding a side button of the Pocket PC, users draw a symbol of any size on the screen with the pen, and the symbol disappears when the command is executed." Symbol Commander makes it fast, easy, and it doesn't take any precious screen space.

With Symbol Commander, users stay focused on what they do, such as editing a document, without wandering across menus, sub-menus, and complicated commands. It greatly increases productivity and ease of use.

"Symbol Commander is a time-saver that can be used immediately with no training. If you know how to write, you know how to use your Pocket PC". said David Dupouy.

With a simple gesture, users can launch an application or open a document, go to a web page, insert text, perform common actions such as copy/paste and back/forward in the browser, and more. They can customize the software at will: change symbols and actions, easily and in seconds.

"This is a major milestone in Sensiva's history. With over 2 million users worldwide of the Windows version of Symbol Commander, it is now available on pen devices, where it unleashes its full potential". David Dupouy said. "You can count on finding Sensiva's gesture technology in an increasing number of pen-based devices in the future."

Symbol Commander is indeed available for Windows as well, working the same as the Pocket PC version. The same symbols execute the same commands, thus unifying different platforms. "The core vision of Sensiva has been to simplify and unify inconsistent systems and devices. Today, people can use their Pocket PC the same way they use their PC, reducing overall training costs, and increasing productivity across different devices."

Pricing and Availability

Symbol Commander for Pocket PC is available on Sensiva's website at a price of US$39.95. A free, time-limited, full-featured trial version is also available for download at


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