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Nurses can spend as much as 50% of their professional lives in data collection and management. - Some of you out there I'm sure will say that estimate is low :) so I get excited when I find a data management tool that speeds and simplifies the process.

Syncplicity from Cognitive Root is just such a tool.

Syncplicity requires no programming skills of any kind to use - heck you don't even need to know how to type to create Palm documents with ease!

Syncplicity is a Windows based desktop application for your Palm.

If you've ever wanted to transfer information from your word processing program, a web page or an email to your Palm, Syncplicity is the answer. You install the application on your Windows based PC, and use it to create a Palm OS document by simply cutting and pasting data from any electronic text source into the Syncplicity window.

You can then specify where on your Palm to insert the data:

Date book, Address book, Memo, ToDo or create a Palm Document.

Another great example of the ease of use was supplied by Susan K Newbold. Susan is a Nursing Informatics Consultant and maintains an excellent resource of Nursing Informatics and Health Informatics Conferences on her home page.

The Nursing Informatics and Health Informatics Conferences web page lists all the the upcoming Informatics Conferences. In the past if you wanted to record and keep any of this information you would have to either print the entire page or manually transcribe the information you were interested in.

With Syncplicity all you need do is highlight the conference information you want.In this example it's the AMIA conference on Nov. 4-8th, 2000 in Los Angeles, where a paper on the Implementation of Mobile Computing System in Clinical Environment: MobileNurse(TM) is being presented.

...paste it into the Syncplicity window and click on the Date Book icon...

...and the next time you do a HotSync all the information is there for you!

You can use the same simple process to cut and paste your patients lab results that have been sent up to the nursing station PC, then HotSync it to your Palm and you've got info to-go!


Visit Cognitive Root to download the 30 day free trial.


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