wireless sites
3GPP Third Generation Partnership Project (promotes 3rd Generation Mobile System based GSM)
Aether Systems Wireless software and solutions provider
Alcatel Wireless networking hardware
Alvarion Wireless networking hardware
AmbiCom Bluetooth PC/CompactFlash cards and USB adapters
ASTA Technology Group Wireless cross platform development tools
Atheros WLAN connectivity based on the IEEE 802.11a
Bluetooth Official Bluetooth site
Brainboxes Developer of USB/RS232/PCMCIA/PCI to Bluetooth
BrightCom Bluetooth application-processor chips
BroadIP Solutions Wireless networking software
Certified Wireless Network Professional (CWNP) Wireless networking training and certification
Cisco Systems Wireless networking hardware
Coda and Odyssey Experimental projects in mobile information access from Carnegie Mellon
Colubris Networks Wireless networking hardware
DoCoMoNet iMode
Code Blue Communications Medical Bluetooth solutions
Elan Chips and accessory manufacturer
Enterasys Wireless networking hardware
Extended Systems Hardware manufacturer and solutions provider
File Mobility Group Research on file replication in distributed systems
Global Care Quest Wireless access to HIS, CIS, RIS for caregivers and patient relatives
GSM Association Promotes the deployment of GSM, GPRS, EDGE and UMTS
Handspring Phone/PDA (Palm)
IBM developerWorks Wireless Zone Articles, tutorials, tools, and technologies for wireless developers.
IEEE P802.11 WG Standards working group on wireless local area networks
iMode FAQs The unofficial independent imode FAQ
Intermec Wireless networking hardware
Infared Data Association - IrDA Organization that creates and promotes infared standards
IPic A web server the size of a match head, coded in 256 bytes of memory, and it costs a buck
Intersil Chips and accessory manufacturer
Kyocera Smartphone Phone/PDA (Palm)
Lantronix Wireless networking hardware
Lucent Hardware manufacturer and solutions provider
MediaCup Wireless coffee cup --- really! - cool site
Motorola Hardware manufacturer and solutions provider
Novatel Wireless Wireless WAN modems
Oxygen Project MIT's vision of the future of computing - cool site
Palm Wireless The name says it all
Parachute Technologies Palm expansion system enabling wireless connectivity - cool site
PCMCIA Trade Association The standards and trade group for PC Cards used in mobile computers
Proxim 802.11a CardBus Card and wireless networking solutions
Raylink Wireless networking hardware
Research In Motion (RIM) Makers of the Blackbery
Samsung Phone/PDA (Palm)
Stanford University Wearable Computing Laboratory
Stonestreet One Bluetooth solutions provider
Select Wireless solution Providers
Socket Communications Hardware manufacturer and solutions provider
SpectraLink Wireless networking hardware
Supplynet Cellular cables for all handhelds
Symblo Hardware manufacturer and solutions provider
Trium Mondo Phone/PDA (Pocket PC)
Vocera Communications Voice over the WLAN
WAP.com A guide to the wireless Internet, wap phones and WAP services
WhereEverYouGo.com Location based information for any address in the continental US
Wireless Networks Inc Bluetooth wireless technology solutions
Widcomm Bluetooth solutions provider
WLANA Wireless LAN Association
Wav Solutions provider
WECA Certifies interoperability of 802.11x products & promotes the Wi-Fi standard
WRQ NetMotion Wireless networking software
Xilinx Chips and accessory manufacturer
Xircom (now an Itell company)
Xybernaut Wearable wireless hardware manufaturer - cool site


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