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By: Sylvia Suszka Hildebrandt, RN, BS, MN, ARNP, CCNI

Sylvia is a contributing editor of PDA cortex.. She was Excelsior College's first graduate of Health Care Informatics. She also participates as a professional reviewer for Computers In Nursing. Sylvia is on the National Cancer Institute's (NCI) Review Committee and reviews grant applications received in response to NCI's SBIR Topic 181: Clinical Trial Data Collection Using Hand Held Technology. Sylvia is a co-author of the soon to be released book "Handhelds in Medicine".



A dictionary based word completion feature that shortens text entry time and is a great add-on utility.

WordComplete from CIC offers to complete words for you after entering just a few letters. Speed of entry doesn't get any better than this. What's more, WordComplete's dictionary provides a quick and easy way to check the spelling of a word and can be customized so that the clinician can enter practice-specific words that are used frequently. The frequency of the use of each word moves them up to the top of the pop-up list making access a snap.


Shortens text entry time and improves recognition accuracy by offering a pop-up list of words once you have entered a few letters of a word.

Customizable: Allows you to remove words from the main dictionary Allows commonly used words or phrases (up to 29 characters long) to be added to your own dictionary.

Settings allow the user to choose how many letters (choose 1-4 letters) to enter before the pop-up list appear.

Choose how many words to display in the pick list (choose 1-10 words).

SmartScan utility that allows you to quickly scan memos and add new words to create your own dictionary.

Support for international characters.

WordComplete greatly enhances the speed and accuracy of Jot, and in my book it is a "must have" data entry tool.

System requirements:

Requires 130K free on your organizer

Sylvia Suszka Hildebrandt, MN, ARNP,CASNI , Editor PDA cortex


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