Free Mobile Resource Guide

August 15, 2004: BCC Consulting, the authors of the comprehensive report: Going Mobile: Choosing the Right Inpatient Mobile Solution, has today announced the availability of a free resource entitled The BCC Mobile Resource Guide

The BCC Mobile Resource Guide, is an all inclusive view of the Mobile Healthcare Industry that identifies companies providing solutions across multiple application areas in both the inpatient and outpatient settings.

The 40+ page guide (2.9 MB PDF) includes information on more than 150 vendor organizations. Based on BCC's industry-insider knowledge acquired during 1500 hours of research into the mobile healthcare arena, the BCC Mobile Resource Guide provides the most complete listing of mobile healthcare providers published to date.

The Mobile Resource Guide is broken down into 15 sections, enabling quick access to relevant information for the seeker of mobile solutions.


Individual Healthcare Providers and Healthcare Organizations currently considering expanding or deploying mobile solutions are encouraged to reference this handy free guide to mobile healthcare solutions providers.

More information on the Mobile Resource Guide is available from the BCC website



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