Normal EKG

Freeware: minimum requirement • Palm OS v 3.0

Developer: Pilotronix

Normal EKG is a reference tool that shows what a “Normal EKG” should look like.You can use this as a standard to which other EKG’s are measured so that abnormalities can be detected. Included are: Standard Leads: I, II, III Augmented Leads: aVR, aVL, aVF Precordial Leads: V1-V6 Rhythm Strips: II, V1, V5. Click on EKG View to begin. Select the leads you would like to see, and use the pen to scroll around the screen. You can use the UP/Down Palm Buttons to rapidly scroll through the different leads.You can also add your notes to the notepad in each image and you can also beam your notes and images to your colleagues.

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