hardware reviews

Review of the Sony Clie PEG SL-30
Visor Pro Review
Review of the Palm m515 --- 16 Megs onboard and a color screen
iPAQ 3800 On board Secure Digital (SD) slot and many other improvements over last years model
HanDEra 330 Dual expansion slots and new 1/4 VGA high resolution 240x320 screen.
Handspring Prism: The first color unit from Hanspring.
Handspring Visor Deluxe: 8 Megs and expansion capabilities.
Handspring Visor Platinum: "Cranking up the speed on the handheld computer"
Palm IIIc: The first color unit from Palm.
Palm m100: An inexpensive and attractive entry level PDA from Palm.
Palm Vx: Sleek & stylish.

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