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3G is Not Broadband
802.11b Entry Point Security Solution
A day in the life of Nurse Heavensent: Case study from Austraila's DOCITA
Adopting Mobile Technology to Enhance Patient Care: Issues and Status of Nursing Use
BASIICS Biothreat Active Surveillance Integrated Information and Communication System
BlueLabs: Develops Wireless System For MobileCare
Changes in Healthcare IT
Clinical Trials Report
CodeDoc Real-Time Code Blue Documentation

Columbia First Wireless SoN

EMS Point-and-Click Software Enhances Ambulance Personnel's Efficiency
ePocrates Study
Handheld Computers & Healthcare : A quick over view
Handheld Electronic Database Saves Seizing Infant: PEPID
Handhelds Generate Positive Results for Clinical Trials
Harmony 802.11b CompactFlash Card For the PocktPC
Harris Interactive Poll Results: North America slow to adopt EMR
Harris Interactive Poll Results: Physicians' Use of Handhelds Increases From 15% in 1999 to 26% in 2001
Home Telehealth Community of Care: "Palming It… All the Way Through Home Care,"
Jeneane A. Brian: Recipient of the Mobile RN Award, "Walking The Talk"
LifeShirt a new era in ambulatory monitoring
Mobile Information Technology at the Point-Of-Care: "The grass roots origin of mobile computing in nursing"
Mobile Nurse: Implementation of Mobile Computing System in Clinical Environment
NEC Unveils New Enterprise-Class Pocket PC: MobilePro P300 Pocket PC
NextCell: First Compact Flash CDPD Deviece - PocketSpider
Nursing Technology: What Merrill Lynch’s CIO Survey Says
Nurses & Technology: Computer Anxiety, and Computer Attitudes
Nuclear, Biological & Chemical Weapons Database Free from PEPID
Palm & the Wireless Market: Wireless data connectivity for the PalmV & Palm m500 series.
Palm m500 and m505 Handhelds unveiled
"Palmguin": First Palm compatible Linux O/S Release
PC-EPhone: Windows CE Convergent Handheld
Report on Electromagnetic Interference in Hospitals: Dubunking an urban myth
Security Solutions for 802.11 Applications
Semtek to Target Healthcare with HandEra PDAs and PDA Swipe Card Reader
Spiros Konstas RN: Mobile RN Award Recipient
Talk America Broadcast of "Using PDAs to Counter Nursing Burnout" with Jeneane Brian
The Wireless Standard or "Bluetooth": Sexier than it Sounds
Tulane University Medical School first to get 802.11a access
University of South Dakota First to Require use of Palm Handhelds
University of Virginia School of Nursing, first SON to require the use of PDAs
University of Virginia SoN selects Unbound Medicine's handheld solution
Visiting Nurses Using Mobile IT to Counter Nursing Burnout
WiFi: the people's wireless broadband
Wireless Computing At The Bedside
Wireless Data Access in the Clinical Environment : Case Study, Cedars Sinai Medical Center
Wireless PDA Access to Clinical Trials Information


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