World's First Universal Mobile Operating System
Sprint, palmOne Join Forces to Provide Mobile Healthcare Solutions
Unbound Medicine and F.A. Davis Partner to Bring References to PDA

5-Minute Clinical Consult, 2004 Now Available
Medical Wizards Releases the UDG (Ultimate Drug Guide)
Elsevier Debuts FIRSTConsult
2003 Wireless LAN Benefits Study:Nursing is a Major Beneficiary
Wi-Fi for Patients
Ugandan Doctors Pilot Electronic Communications
Trends in Mobile Computing in Healthcare

UpToDate Adds 4 Lexi-Comp Titles
RNs are Mobilizing
Unbound Medicine Releases Comprehensive Suite of Pediatric References
PDAs help to Establish New Door-to-Dilation Record

Palm Debuts Two Tungsten Handhelds

CMS Choose Facts and Comparisons
Free PDA Healthcare Diagnosis Tool - Diagnosaurus
Vanderbilt SoN Selects Skyscape References
Skyscape Announces Psychiatry References for PDAs

HIPAA --- Will the BOSS Come to the Code?
FDA Approves First Bluetooth Medical System
Penn State Students Develop Handheld Patient System

Milliman Care Guidelines now available for the PDA

Palm Introduces New Name & New Website

Detroit Medical Center & Wayne State University's ED Chooses Palm Tungsten C

PDAs and Clinical Research
Worldwide Handheld Shipments Down 10.7 %

Palm Introduces Tungsten T2
Samsung Unveils the World’s Fastest Mobile CPU
IBM To Market PatientKeeper's Point-Of-Care Software
The 12 Most Popular PDA Drug Guides Used In Nursing
HHS Promotes Paperless Health Care System

Mobile Technology Helps Hospitals Combat Nursing Shortage
Corporate Perspectives on Mobile Apps
World's Smallest and Most Flexible Mobile Printer
Bridging the Digital Divide in Medically Underserved Areas with PDAs

HP Unveils Its Broadest Range of Handhelds Ever
PalmSource and Visto to Create Email Client for Palm OS
St. Mary's Health System Chooses Palm Tungsten C
FDA’s First New Drug Application Approval Based on PDA Patient Diary

Healthcare's Implementation of Wireless is Limited

Sybase Announces a $25 Million Enterprise Wi-Fi Initiative

Skyscape Partners with Pearson Prentice Hall

Palm buys Handspring

NCSU's College of Veterinary Medicine To use the Palm Tungsten C

VoIP for the Tugsten C

Bar Coding Presents Serious Problems for Nurses Charged with Patient Care

FDA Says Bar Coding Saves Lives

Palm & iPaq go Head to Head in Competitive Testing
WSU College of Nursing MIRA Program Receives Grant for PDAs
ePocrates Launches Desktop Application
RIM's BlackBerry Wireless email on Palm Handhelds
Worldwide Handheld Device Shipments Declined 21%

Skyscape & eMedicine form Multi-Year Alliance

Healthcare and Manufacturing Dominate Bluetooth Markets
PDAs in Nursing Education
Mobile Device User Demographics
Perception of PDA Functionality Key to Growth in PDA Market
Survey Finds Strong Support for Technologies to Improve Patient Safety
Skyscape Triples Revenues, Reports Record Year
Sprint Introduces a Mobile Solution for Healthcare
Palm to Adopt New Handwriting Software
Wi-Fi Alliance Announces Wi-Fi Zone Global Brand For Public Access Services
The Road Ahead for Mobile IT
New Sony CLIÉ NZ90 with built-in Bluetooth & Wireless LAN Slot
Sandisk Introduces World's First Cards Combining Flash Memory And Wireless
Stethographics Pocket Guide to Heart Sounds
Skyscape Introduces Special Operations Forces Medical Handbook
ACP-ASIM and AMA to offer PDA CME Credit
Imperito Offers Free VPNs to Small Firms that deploy PocketPCs
World’s Longest Wi-Fi Connection Made by The Swedish Space Corporation
Physicians and Emerging Information Technologies
Guidant to Use VivoMetrics' LifeShirt in Heart Failure Research and Development
The Romanow Report & Informatics
Skyscape the First to Announce Medical Reference Software for Smartphones
The First Digital Camera For Palm's SD Slot
High-power handheld unveiled at Comdex
PHT Chooses Palm Handhelds for Accurate Data Capture in Clinical Trials
SATELLIFE PDA Project Helps Save Lives in Africa
New Technology Will Quadruple PDA Battery Life
HIMSS survey: handhelds hot, e-mail not for US physicians
Handsets and PDA Owners Done with Monochrome
PDA shipments sink in Q3; Sony tops HP
Beta Test The Tarascon Pharmacopoeia Deluxe PDA Edition
Wi-Fi Alliance Announces Standards-Based Security Solution to Replace WEP
Tungsten T - the first hardware from Palm running OS 5
Zero-Interaction Authentication security for mobile devices

Symbol Commander software now available on Pocket PC
Congress of Neurological Surgeons Holds First Digital Medical Conference Using Handheld Technologies
Canadian High Speed Wireless
Wireless in the Enterprise
Stanford School of Medicine Pioneers Wireless Learning System
Worldwide PDA Shipments Declined 9% Year-Over-Year in 2Q02
Security for Wireless 802.11b Networks
The first Mobile Videophone
Palm Death Watch Begins
GP's from the Netherlands lead the world in the use of PDAs
US Passes Europe on the Road to 3G
1.8 million for IT grant for nursing & allied healthcare students

The first VPN of rthe Palm
MXI a powerful new client - server mobile OS
Frist Palm OS based laptop
Palm - McKesson Alliance
Early Adopters Could Power Market for Public WLAN Services
Pocket PC can't get a grip on gadget sales
Palm OS Emulator: How To's
Palm Delivers Lower TCO to Enterprises Report
Global Wireless Internet Market Report
VivoMetrics' LifeShirt System Receives FDA Market Clearance
Real-Time Communication for Post-Surgical Cardiac Care Team
The Cutting Edge is Mobile
PDAs enhance patient care, AvantGo survey
WLAN Chipset Market - The Incredible Journey Is Just Beginning
ViewPad 100 SuperPDA
Bachmann releases MedReporter
PHT to use Palm m500 for Data Capture In Clinical Trials
AMIA Mobile Computing Special Interest Group
The Rise of Palmtop Technology in Medicine Part II

The Rise of Palmtop Technology in Medicine Part 1
AvantGo, introduces AvantGo Mobile Pharma
Software & Gadgets Galore @ the PDA cortex Store
Global Pharmaceutical Solutions Provider CRF Box Selects Palm Handhelds For Clinical Trials
Columbia University School of Nursing Selects Palm Handheld Computers For Patient-care Initiative
Despite Economy, Worldwide PDA Shipments Scoot up
Adventures of a Handheld Junkie -the power of the Palm in your hand
PCs: The People's Choice Only 1.5 of US Internet users access the net without a PC
Intel XScale Technology 400 MHz handheld processor.
PDA usage by Virginia Physician Assistants By Greg Schaller, MA, PA-S
The HIPAA PDA Compliance Survey find out what your colleagues think.
In the Palm of Whose Hand? PDA market share as of 24 January 2002
Wireless Internet in the US Stats as of 24 January 2002
Microvision Ships First Nomad Personal Display Systems
Golden Gadget Awards
FDA etourderie gaucherie disseminates misinformation
The Golden Age of Wireless
Blackberry & September 11, 2001
Dr Nerd's Diary A (slighty) voyeuristic look at Dr David Topps' gadget.
Dr. Orin M. Goldblum's AMIA 2001 Poster Presentation
PDA & Wireless Technologies at the AMIA 2001 Symposium
PDA cortex Web Survey: Help us get IT right!
The Golden Age of Wireless: A wireless primer
The Science of Patient Experience Ecological Momentary Assessment (EMA) captured on a PDA
VNAB Implements Mobile Solution
Wireless within the VNAHHS
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